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Valkyrie Skies Test

Wave Haven... Matora is the person that controls the clouds above the Elfheim and Midgard giving him control over two of the realm that exists in the world of Gods. Odin is the ruler of all the 9 realms but when it comes to Midgard and Elfheim no one can match the power of Matora. Even Odin feared him on these ground and was careful enough to stay away from him. Elfheim and Midgard give him powers that no other God had. These powers enabled him to summon lighting more powerful than Thor and the speed that leaves the Gods in Awe. Thor was the God of thunder but when it comes to Midgard and Elfheim, Matos was the one and only ruler. In the past, Odin has used the cunning of Loki and the forces of Dark elves to attack Matora but failed due to the overwhelming power of Metora. During that war, both humans and elves helped Metora to win the war because they seemed to think of him as the only true God. According to the legends, Odin ruled the Midgard and Elfheim. The word of Odin was considered an absolute law, anyone doing something against the wishes of Odin could have a fate worse than death. Then one-day Metora appeared and after that nothing was the same. Matora became the beacon of hope for both the humans and elves because he went against the wishes of Odin and brought freedom to the races of Elfheim and Midgard. The war was fought and the races of both Elfheim, as well as Midgard, came out as the winners. The races of Elfheim and Midgard were led by Metora himself and was the entity who stood against the Gods of Asgard. Metora has never left the Midgard and Efheim. He served more as a protector of these realms rather than the God or ruler. No one knew where Metora lived some said that he lived in a different realm than all other Gods. However, one thing was certain that He was always there to help the people of Elfheim and Midgard in their time of need. The races of Midgard and Elfheim were always battling each other before Matora but after his arrival, both of the realms prospered. All the people that have seen Matora in action knew that he commanded lighting and all the elements related to skies. He could summon the lighting more powerful than Thor and wind so strong to blow away even the World Serpent. He could fly so fast that it was difficult for a mortal to see him in flight. Most of the information came from Elfheim as there were elves in Elfheim who were alive during the war. Matora was different than all other God even different by the standard of human and Elves because he was more gleeful and funny than even the gleeful human. He would sometimes act in childish manner but when he got angry there was no entity more wrathful than him. His wrath could only descend upon Gods and the entities powerful than the races of Efheim and Midgard. Matora was the God in all true sense when it comes to Elfheim and Midgard.