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Thanks for considering SynthwaveFM! You are always welcome to send us your original productions for airplay consideration. We love receiving demos but please be aware that the vast amount of demos we receive, makes it impossible for us to reply to every single one of them.

Soundcloud is making our lives much easier these days and that is why we urge everyone to use their (free) service. Please send your player-links to

Please make sure you own the copyright to your production. Your production also has to be free of unauthorized samples and/or vocals.

We only accept originals. Remixes, bootlegs, mash-ups and alike will not be taken into consideration and instantly deleted.

Deliver your track with proper file naming, i.e. [Artist Name] - [Title] and do not forget to leave a valid email address!

Good Luck!


we also take games, videos , artwork etc.



How To Submit Your Music

Thank you for your interest in getting your music played on Journeyscapes Radio!

We currently accept submissions from recording artists, record labels and music promoters.


If you would like to submit your music for airplay consideration on Journeyscapes Radio’s 24/7 web station and/or weekly Mixcloud shows, you may do so via the following:

Please familiarize yourself with our station’s format and the general atmosphere of our broadcast before submitting your work. We play a unique selection of non-mainstream music that mostly falls into the ambient, space, chill, downtempo, electronic and ethereal music genres or styles. Although musically varied, our overall format tends to be very atmospheric and dreamy.

Our playlists are human curated and each track is carefully selected, as opposed to being generated by an impersonal algorithm.

Once your music has been previewed to determine if it’s a good fit for the program, selected tracks may be added to our 24/7 web station and/or featured at some point on a Mixcloud show.

You may submit single tracks, extended plays or full-length albums.

You may also submit “long-form” tracks or albums (as is relatively common with ambient/electronic/space music). We can create a nice “radio edit” that’s under 15 minutes for inclusion on our 24/7 web station, or edit the track to fit any length necessary for inclusion on a Mixcloud show.

When submitting a full-length album, we may choose to select up to but not more than one-third of the total number of tracks on the album to include in rotation on our non-interactive 24/7 web station.

Not more than one track from an album will be included per individual one-hour Mixcloud show, although other tracks from the album may be featured separately on other Journeyscapes Mixcloud shows.

Whenever your track plays on the 24/7 web station, the album artwork, artist name and track title will appear on our website player, as well as feature a “buy this album” link that directs listeners to the album’s (or single’s) online retail shop page, such as Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes or CD Baby.


Please do not send us streaming-only files and links since we need the actual files in order to play your music.

We accept digital files in MP3 format at 320 kbps.  

Please use a file transfer service when submitting your music.

We recommend,, or for this process.

You are also more than welcome to provide us with a redemption code to Bandcamp or CD Baby so that we may download the files from there.

Please do not send us files in AIFF or WMA format.

When submitting your files, please make sure all your tracks are properly tagged with the artist and song titles entered in the correct places to help expedite the inclusion process. Also, please provide the album artwork along with shop links, any liner notes or additional press information that may be helpful.


We also welcome physical media via snail mail. If you would like to send us your CD, please inquire via email for the physical mailing address and provide a brief description of what you’re submitting.

Once you have submitted your music, please wait at least two weeks before following up with us to find out if it has been programmed or potentially will be. Due to the sheer volume of messages we receive, we may not be able to reply to every inquiry right away. As a result, inquiries regarding music which has been submitted that does not fit our playlist format, or is improperly submitted, may not elicit a response.

For all music submissions and other inquiries please either click here to fill out the contact form or send a direct email to

Now and for always – airplay is totally free!




Upload your track here... [royalty system where you get a cut]...

tracks must not be signed to a label. If label gives you a track, but doesn't have their own monetisation or tracks uploaded to radio select website, tell them to give you the track and you'll upload to your dist radio select thingy...

***figure out how radio royaltes work...