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Trying to categorise an emerging music scene and its sub-genres is no easy task. Music is very fluid and the amount of artist inspiration is huge (games, movies and culture) so pin-pointing seems hard. We started with ... have a history and lead up... Mega Drive (although seems sci-fi, it has... discuss), Irving Force, and Dan Terminus seem to have the music we're looking for. The best way is to discuss the overall feel of what we're listening to or, what we want to listen to. Darksynth can only go so far in categorising. Initially it was used to categorise the darker and aggressive side of synthwave, however, that's the question; what is dark? Dark is Cybersynth and Spacewave

we can go on the following... bpm, lack of pads sparce, dealing with hard, gritty tweeked synths and basslines, tb-303, add examples like future cop and brad fiedel

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