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Thursday , 03 May 2018 , 01 : 23 PM

Synthwave FM is an independent radio station broadcasting the best music in the synthwave/retrowave scene, a genre of electronic music influenced by movies, video games, and culture of the 1980s and early 90s. Following a similar format to the popular in-game radio stations from Grand Theft Auto, Synthwave FM hosts a variety of retrowave music shows presented by a crack team of eccentric radio personalities. With the addition of ludicrous radio commercials and off-the-wall news segments, Synthwave FM is your number one spot for neo retro grooves.

The radio station is set in 1986 in fictional Delta City, which is based heavily on major cities portrayed in action movies of the 1980s. In the midst of an ongoing drug war that continues to terrorise the city, Radio programmer and host of Synthwave FM, Handsome Dan, takes the city's inhabitants on a nostalgic journey. His former boss, Sonny Forelli (Tom Sizemore), ostensibly promotes Tommy to a caporegime and sends him to Vice City to act as the Forelli's buyer in a cocaine deal and to also do other ground work for the Forellis a gritty metrolpolis where sun, sea and sex are met with crimewaves. Voted by the city's in habitants as The Sound Of  Four years after a rogue comet hurdled towards the Earth from outer space leaving a trail of destruction in is wake. As the city's inhabitants rebuild their lives... and listeners jump straight in to the retro futuristic world of Delta City, put the city in a state of panic...causing a surgence in crimewaves... the war goes on as the drug lords continue to terroise Delta City... Who's in charge? The mayor? alternative reality . inBeing the only remaining broadcaster in the city after a rogue comet stike the Earth, Synthwave FM is now a beacon of light for the The Sound of the City for the show host and owner of Synthwave FM, Handsome Dan,Broadcasting online to the UK and 41 other countries including most of Europe, we promise to play the best in synthwave music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Set in a retro futuristic world, listeners jump in and experience life as we know it in Delta city 1984/2184.

Keep up to date with the freshest hits by big names in the retrowave scene. Vote your favourite songs in our top ten section. Follow along in the Delta city universe with The Sound Of The City, a blog acting as the hub for all information in Delta city which keeps the inhabitants in the know about everything in the city. Stay entertained with our selection of Free-To-Play video games and retro movie reviews, and free downloads. Be in with the chance to win store credit, cash prizes and... by checking out our recurring contests.

Synthwave FM also provides cloud based audio production solutions for music producers, DJs and record labels so make sure you check out our online shop for the best in retrowave gear. Need professional mastering for your Synthwave tracks? Then check out...Attempting to to capture the era's atmosphere, synthwave music evokes strong feelings of nostalgia, desire for creativity and motivation and memories. allows listeners to relive the 80s dream and leap back in time toof the through heartpound airwaves of glorious retro sounds of Neo80s retro grooves.